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Finland is a picturesque country of a thousand lakes and islands. Almost 2/3 of the area is covered by forests, in which bears, wolves, foxes, elks and reindeers can be found. In a country that is one of the least inhabited, nature is present everywhere: in the countryside and in the city, in the workplace and spending free time, every day and on holidays. Finnish archipelagos, which have more than 60,000 picturesque islands and islets, covering this country's forests and virgin nature are unmatched in all of Europe, and maybe even in the world.Laponians are the oldest inhabitants of Finland and most of them live like their former ancestors. The population living in the south of the country are Finns, whose ancestors came here about 2000 years ago from Russia (Urals). Some people living in Finland are also Swedes. We invite you to travel around the northern wonderland, in which, by the way, lives the only, the true Santa Claus, whose headquarters is located in the northern part of Lapland.

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