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New Zealand

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New Zealand, called the country of kiwi, despite being in distant Oceania, is a typical western and thoroughly "European" country, because it is mostly inhabited by the British. New Zealand, located in the South Pacific about 1,600 km from the south-east coast of Australia, consists mainly of two islands - the North Island and the South Island, and several hundred small islands. New Zealand also includes three small overseas territories in Oceania: Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands. The country is characterized by really very diverse and spectacular landscapes: extensive mountain ranges in the Southern Alps, fjords, glaciers, volcanic regions, geysers, lakes, plains, huge grasslands and bush forests, subtropical forests.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is the Maori homeland located on the border of time and the end of the world. From the north, the land is evergreen, full of beautiful and empty beaches, volcanoes and steaming geysers with a view of the Tasman Sea.