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Information and interesting facts

Tanzania is located in eastern Africa on the Indian Ocean. It includes coastal islands: Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and others. Tanzania borders with such countries as: Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya and Burundi. The lowlands occur along the coast of the Indian Ocean. The places are coral reefs. The islands are lowland. In Tanzania, there are three of the most famous wonders of the Black Continent: Kilimanjaro - the roof of Africa, Ngorongoro - referred to as the natural Noah's Ark and the great plains of Serengeti famous for the world's largest population of wild mammals. Tanzania is usually inhabited by the Bantu tribes and to a lesser extent by Masaje.

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Are you a born trapper or a fan of mountain climbing? Do you want to experience the journey of a lifetime, cross the equator and face the highest peak of Africa - Roof of the World - Kilimanjaro?!


There is an island in the Indian Ocean that once attracted great explorers, traders and adventurers. They decided to stay there and their traces can bee seen this day


Tanzania is an area with the most magnificent national parks and natural areas in Africa. An unusual and intense life revolves around the vast and endless landscapes of savanna.