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New Zealand

New Zealand is the Maori homeland located on the border of time and the end of the world. From the north, the land is evergreen, full of beautiful and empty beaches, volcanoes and steaming geysers with a view of the Tasman Sea.


Are you a born trapper or a fan of mountain climbing? Do you want to experience the journey of a lifetime, cross the equator and face the highest peak of Africa - Roof of the World - Kilimanjaro?!


Lake Castelo de Bode is located in the very centre of Portugal - beautiful surroundings, characterized by picturesque landscapes and crystal clear water.


The sound of the sea, white sails fluttering in the wind and the splash of the Adriatic waves crashing against the bow of a yacht gliding on the water.


Australia. For many people, a country at the end of the world. An unknown land with unprecedented nature, thousands of kilometres of wild beaches and empty spaces. This is a place where time passes more slowly and you can breathe from the hustle and bustle of populated cities.