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On the Island of Gods

Destination Indonesia
Duration from 9 days
A number of people 2 - 8
Price per person from 2500 EUR

Travel description

Indonesia is pure exotics. Fabulous and almost perfect beaches caressed by blue water. Paradise and virgin islands where you can feel like a Cast Away movie set star. The colourful culture of the inhabitants, magnificent monuments and powerful volcanoes. The freedom and predictability of this place is something that attracts people and acts like a drug. Once you taste this adventure, it will be hard for you to part with this multi-coloured island archipelago.

We have a travel offer that will stay in your memory for a long time. This is where you will come across the secrets of Indonesia, discover places that have not been visited by tourists, break through the Sumatran jungle, learn to surf, climb the volcano at night, and finally take a bath in a wonderful hotel! It is a journey you must experience!

What does such a journey look like?

We plan everything according to your expectations. We choose together the most amazing places and visit them during day and at night. It is up to you whether you relax on a paradise beach, interact with the Komodo dragons or try to jump from the waterfall in The Secret Garden of Sambangan.

In our offer:

  • Jungle trekking
  • Trekking to the volcano at night
  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling with turtles
  • Bathing under the most beautiful waterfalls
  • Jumping from the waterfall at The Secret Garden of Sambangan
  • Rafting in Bali
  • Downhill
  • Free diving (dive inspiration)
  • Spearfishing (hunting double)
  • Horse riding in Sumba

You take a backpack, passport, smile and clothing only, and:

We develop an itinerary that will meet all your expectations. We organize tickets, flights and airport transfers, accommodation and a guide who will show you real Indonesia.

We do guarantee travel safety by providing insurance for the entire trip.

From now our insurance  covers the cost of treatment in case of getting COVID-19 during your journey and up to 2 weeks after returning.

What will you see



The Secret Gardens of Sambanga

Nusa Penida



Gili Islands

Mount Batur

And many other attractions

Your Guide



A passionate of travel that involves style, elegance, sophisticated attractions and, which is the most important, people! She is keen on the whole world and she loves places that are not very popular.

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