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In a paradise in the middle of the Pacific

Destination French Polynesia
Duration from 12 days
A number of people 2 - 10
Price per person from 4500 EUR

Travel description

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in a wooden pole villa on a beautiful lagoon? Have you ever dreamed of trying exotic dishes at a snow-white sand beach looking at the horizon covered in turquoise ocean colour? If yes, we have a journey for you - you will be taken to the paradise on earth!

French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, not without exaggeration called the eighth wonder of nature. It is the heart of exclusive tourism. The atoll is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, where you can admire the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets, beautiful and lush vegetation and coral reefs full of uniquely colourful fish.

This is where you will discover countless opportunities for water sports, including diving with sharks, admiring whales, swimming with stingrays in the Opunoh Bay or admiring the coral reef while having a cruise by a glass bottom boat.

Take part in the most exciting journey of your lifetime and set off with us to explore the unique corners of Polynesia. We guarantee that you would not like to go home!

Our offer includes:

  • Stingray encounters in Opunohu Bay
  • Swimming in Tu Sua Ocean Trench
  • Skydiving in Fiji
  • Cruise with snorkeling with sharks and swimming with whales
  • For journeys in July, we will take part in the Heilala Festival on the island of Tonga
  • A visit to The Farm - a farm of black pearls
  • Helicopter flight over the islands
  • Hiking and cycling trips
  • Off-road car safari around Bora Bora
  • Expedition for coconuts
  • Sliding down the waterfalls

It all depends on your expectations. You can go on your own. You may spend the most beautiful honeymoon. Or let us organise a trip for a pack of your friends or employees from the company you work for. Contact us and we will develop an itinerary to match your expectations and budget.

You take a backpack, passport, smile and clothing only, and:

Develop a travel plan to meet your expectations. We shall organise tickets, flights, pickup from the airport, accommodation and meals. We guarantee amazing memories.

We guarantee travel safety by providing insurance for the entire trip.

From now our insurance  covers the cost of treatment in case of getting COVID-19 during your journey and up to 2 weeks after returning.

What will you see

Opunohu Bay

The Farm - a farm of black pearl


Bora Bora


Kingdom of Tonga


Cook Islands

And many attractions

Your Guide



A passionate of travel that involves style, elegance, sophisticated attractions and, which is the most important, people! She is keen on the whole world and she loves places that are not very popular.

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