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At the peak of Kilimanjaro

Destination Tanzania
Duration from 8 days
A number of people 2 - 8
Price per person from 3500 EUR

Travel description

Are you a born trapper or a fan of mountain climbing? Do you want to experience the journey of a lifetime, cross the equator and face the highest peak of Africa - Roof of the World - Kilimanjaro?! Its eternal snows made famous by Hemingway invite you to visit this six-thousand meter giant and feel the excitement of climbing a huge mountain.

Kilimanjaro amazes with its virgin beauty, memorable to anyone who dares to conquer this extraordinary peak. The expedition to Kilimanjaro is a journey through the diverse world of nature. You will climb through the rainforest and during the journey you will be accompanied by animals living in this area. You will pass volcanic bombs and sins - tall plants with green bunches growing on the tips of those previously withered.

The goal is to conquer Africa's highest mountain, which is one of the peaks in the Crown of the Earth. To do so, you will use the route with marked out camps along the way. Each camp does not only provide you with rest and accommodation, but most importantly it helps you with acclimatization. We strive to provide conditions for optimal adaptation of the body to conditions at high altitudes.

Very important!

For us, your safety is priority and great importance. That's why, two to three months before the trip you should start preparations. We recommend systematic mountain trips, cycling, running and swimming. At your request, we will develop a personal training plan, thanks to which you will be ready to conquer Kilimanjaro!

You take a backpack, passport, smile and clothing only, and:

We develop and plan a travel route according to your expectations. We organize tickets, flights and pickup from the airport. We provide full board accommodation, transport, equipment, professional guides, chefs and porters.

We guarantee travel safety by providing insurance for the entire trip.

From now our insurance  covers the cost of treatment in case of getting COVID-19 during your journey and up to 2 weeks after returning.

Your Guide

Local Guide

Local Guide

Our local guide will assist you on the spot. It will pick you up from the airport, help you choose the most interesting places and provide care at every stage of the planned journey.

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