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Top the hula rhythm plus California

Destination United States
Duration from 12 days
A number of people 2 - 10
Price per person from 3500 EUR

Travel description

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world - also called the state of Aloha. It is a gem lost somewhere in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean full of wild and friendly nature, smoking volcanoes and majestic green mountains suspended in the clouds.

This magical place is located 4,000 kilometers from the mainland, and the trip there ensures unforgettable experiences. You will see fabulous beaches, huge ocean waves, waterfalls flowing down steep rocks, cliffs and coral reefs. You will try snorkelling and meet sea turtles and at the end of the day you will rest listening to the ukulele at sunset.

We will take you to known and unknown places. You will see where the world's most famous surfing competitions take place, visit the legendary Pearl Harbor, go for a walk to heaven and teach you how to dance Hula.

Extra option

And if you think that this trip is not enough and you want more then you can visit sunny California with us.

It is one of the most interesting states in America, which attracts tourists with its amazing coast and rich vegetation. Travelling with us you can see the dense redwood forests, the desert and visit iconic cities including Los Angeles, San Franciso and famous Las Vegas. It is only up to you what your route will look like. We will organize tailor-made trips and the only limit is your imagination.

In our offer:

  • Participation in surfing competitions for dogs (should you choose the right time)
  • Swimming with sharks (in or without a cage)
  • Surfing at Waikiki Beach
  • Visit to Pearl Harbor
  • Trekking to an extinct volcano (Diamond Head or Haleakala)
  • for the brave: walk Haiku Stairs, the stairs to heaven
  • Admiring the landscapes of Kauai while flying by a helicopter
  • Hula dance lessons
  • Admiring the Waimea Canyon
  • Whale watching from December to May
  • Maui snorkeling
  • A visit to the Volcanoes National Park
  • Admiring the sunset and stars on the extinct Mauna Kea volcano
  • Visiting the island of Molokai, which is the least tourist island of Hawaii

It all depends on your expectations. You can go on your own. Or let us organise a trip for a pack of your friends or employees from the company you work for. Contact us and we will develop an itinerary to match your expectations and budget.

You take a backpack, passport, smile and clothing only, and:

Develop a travel plan to meet your expectations. We shall organise tickets, flights, pickup from the airport, accommodation and meals. We guarantee amazing memories. 

We guarantee travel safety by providing insurance for the entire trip.

From now our insurance  covers the cost of treatment in case of getting COVID-19 during your journey and up to 2 weeks after returning.

What will you see

Oahu Island

Waikiki Beach

Pearl Harbour

Diamo Head

Kauai Island

Maui Island

The Volcano National Park

Molokai Island

San Francisco

Lake Tahoe

Los Angeles

Palm Springs

San Diego

Grand Canyon

And many more attractions

Your Guide



A passionate of travel that involves style, elegance, sophisticated attractions and, which is the most important, people! She is keen on the whole world and she loves places that are not very popular.

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