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Yachting in the archipelago of dreams

Destination Seychelles
Duration 7-14 days
A number of people from 4
Price per person from 3300 EUR

Travel description

To be in a different place every day, to go from island to island, to anchor and stay overnight in the charming bays of the Seychelles archipelago. This is a place where gorgeous and heavenly beaches reveal their beautiful face every day, and the sunsets are an amazing spectacle in the sky - experience you will not find in any other corner of the world.

Discover the taste of real freedom, join the crew and sail with us to the most beautiful place on earth. Where passats blow, the water sparkles with a million shades of blue and the visited islands explode with an unprecedented palette of colours. The Seychelles archipelago, often called "Forgotten Eden", is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

During this wonderful cruise, we will sail to the island of Praslin where the largest coconuts grow on earth, we will moor on the island of Curieuse where we will meet giant turtles that are over 200 years old, and while traveling through the mangrove forest we will meets huge crabs. We will anchor on the tiny island of La Digue, where you can only walk or travel bike, we will try specialties of Creole cuisine, dive with thousands of colourful fish and anchor in fabulous bays.

You will be properly trained before and during the cruise. On the high seas, in the best possible conditions, you will deepen your sailing knowledge and acquire appropriate skills to independently control the yacht, and our experienced Skipper will share knowledge with you and watch over the course of the cruise. There will be a possibility to do a sailing course for everyone who wants to during the cruise.

While yachting, we have planned accommodation in the most beautiful bays and marinas, and we will spend the evenings tasting the best seafood, listening to music, talking to the cheerful crew and planning the next sailing day. Every day a new port - every day a new adventure - this motto will accompany us every day.

Our offer includes:

  • Admiring huge coconuts on Praslin Island
  • Visiting Curieuse Island and admiring giant turtles
  • Admiring tiny unspoiled islands from the deck of a yacht
  • Admiring the largest natural waterfall on Mahe Island
  • Overnight stays in beautiful bays
  • Diving in beautiful lagoons
  • and many other attractions on land and yachts.

The Seychelles is undoubtedly a real treasure on the map of Africa. It is a great destination and a sailing adventure worth recommending. It is an ideal solution for absolutely everyone. Regardless of age and sailing experience it is an ideal solution for families with children, packs of friends or as an unforgettable business trip.

You only take a smile, passport and clothes, and we:

We develop a cruise plan that will meet your expectations. We organise transport, meals on the yacht and on land, and the care of a professional Skipper. The price includes all port fees, compulsory shipowner's insurance and additional insurance, climate tax and a deposit for the yacht. You will receive signed clothing from us to match the atmosphere of the crew and after the cruise you will also receive a cruise card and a certificate of maritime internship.

We provide amazing memories. We guarantee full safety of the trip by providing insurance for its entire period. Our insurance  covers the cost of treatment in case of getting COVID-19 during your journey and up to 2 weeks after returning.

Your Guide



The owner and co-founder of Blue Horizon Sp. z o.o. dealing with the organization of sea cruises and regattas. He’s in love with sailing since his youth. He is very active in sailing in sea and ocean waters. He sailed around the famous Cape Horn. Robert was a participant in the Sydney to Hobart 2019 regatta on the Volvo 70 "Maserati" yacht. He has hundreds of visited ports and bays. He is the organizer of the cyclical regatta under the Blue Horizon flag. 

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